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Sage Wellness

Monthly News

January 2022


NEW! Hermitage Farm Monthly Wellness Saturday Series!

Limited Appointments, Book Soon

January Theme - Releasing Limiting Beliefs

January 7, 2023 from 10:00 AM-2:00 PM

By Appointment Only

Beginning in 2023, Hermitage Farm will offer

‘Wellness Saturday’ programs on the first Saturday of each month. Participating Hermitage Practitioners will offer healing modalities related to a spiritual theme that will focus on balance and restoration for the mind, body and spirit. 

Participants will have the opportunity to schedule multiple treatments during the day and while reflecting on their self-care, have time to relax and enjoy a delicious cup of tea!

Pre Scheduling is required.

Payment for services can be made by cash or check to each practitioner at the time of service

NOTE - Special Event Scheduling Link - Schedule Your Wellness Saturday Service Through This Link

January Wellness Saturday - Hermitage Farm

January Theme - Releasing Limiting Beliefs

January 7, 2023 from 10:00 AM-2:00 PM

By Appointment Only

Register for: Energy Medicine with Diane Anderson at -

Energy Medicine Treatment: One hour $75 with Diane Anderson Reiki Master

Our limiting beliefs are imprinted from our childhood and past experiences. These beliefs affect our behavior and response to life’s challenges, but they do not need to define us. Discover how an energetic healing session can help to identify and release trapped emotional energies and limiting beliefs that are blocking your ability to experience physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Experience deep relaxation and a sense of inner peace as you release stress, anxiety and pain.


Register for: Massage & Bodywork with Tina Ridler at -

Special Session Massage & Bodywork: 30-minute Massage $37.50 or a 60-minute Massage $75

Tina will be giving a massage with "samplers" customized to the client's need and interest. She will review the client's health form and talk through possible future strategies. The goal is to increase understanding of where clients are in their wellness journey and demonstrate some different massage and spa modalities and show how those may benefit the client and make improvements in their wellness level. Some "sampler" examples might be using; Infrared Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Pillowssage, Neuromuscular Cupping, Trigger Point Therapy, Aromatherapy, and Spa Hand or Foot Treatments.


To learn more about Diane and Tina, please go to the Hermitage Farm website under ‘Practitioners’ to learn about their healing practices. Please feel free to contact Hermitage Farm with any questions at: 507-272-2528.

Future Wellness Sat Topics

February 4 th : Permission to Pause

The beauty of winter brings forth a time to slow down! It can be an invitation to pause and

engage in opportunities for self-care. Give yourself permission to slow down and heal. Join us at

Hermitage for some Energy Healing and a healing massage. 

March 4 th : Manifesting & Visualization

Are you eager to create a new dream…visualize a new change in your life? Join practitioners at

Hermitage Farm for Holistic Health Coaching-search inside for your hearts dream! Clear your

energy system which can help open your heart to see that change that you need. And relax with

a therapeutic massage! 

Lisa Van Getson will also be offering Holistic Health Coaching sessions that can help to

identify/visualize your dream!

April 1 st : Stress Management

Are you experiencing STRESS in your life???? Of course!! Come to Hermitage Farm to learn new

skills to manage the stress…ways to rebalance your energy systems and release the stress with

a relaxing massage.

Lisa Van Getson will also be offering Stress Management Consultations. Learn to identify the source

and triggers for your stress, how stress creates patterns of behaviors that lead us to the

imbalances in our lives. Re-learn your strengths and ways to grow into new balance. RE-connect

with how affirmations can bring healing to each new day.

Go to[ ] to book Wellness Saturday Appt's


Other Sage Wellness News

Clients love to be able to customize their care at Sage Wellness, and our new Add Ons are here! 

New Winter Add Ons :

New Hand Moisturizing Spa Glove Treatment

New Foot Moisturizing Spa Sock Treatment

New Face Moisturizing Spa Treatment

Add Warm Volcanic or Salt Stones

New Pain Relief Massage Oil with Arnica, Lavender and Plant Stem Cells!

Ongoing Add Ons:

Neuro Cupping

Facial Massage

Nap Time


And more!


Winter Wellness 

Boost your wellness this winter by increasing your vitamin C&D, magnesium and zinc 

as recommended by your primary provider.

Increase your self-care appts, and your rest.  

Get any boosters recommended by your care providers,

And don't forget your hydration!

I look forward to seeing you soon,

Tina @ Sage

~Sage Wellness News~

Sage Wellness is currently on track for its best year ever!

We have massage and spa therapy appointments happening Monday through 

Friday and the first Saturday of the month. Extra hours have been added!

Click the 'schedule now' button below to see what's available.


At The Farm

Check out the drum circles, fire circles, reiki retreats, meditation group 

and all upcoming events at the Farm at

💗Couples Packages💗

Unfortunately in order to stay in compliance with all the Covid protocols we adhere to, we are not booking any couples packages currently. 

💆‍♂️💆‍♀️Since our location is a great place to host couples, we do hope to offer some fun couples packages as public health indicators allow. I will be sure to get that information out as soon as it is available.


Sage Wellness is hosted at one of Rochester’s most lovely hidden gems, 

Hermitage Farm - Center for Healing.

The Farm is located at 6415 West River Road Rochester, MN.

You can take a peek at the Farm here

"It's quiet and peaceful and though less than 10 min from my NW Rochester home, it feels like you are far away."

Tina’s business phone is still (507-280-0300), and booking link is

and website is

 these have all remained the same. She is easy to find!

Popular Services with Tina include:

Massage Therapy

Infrared Therapy

Pain & Stress Relief

Neuromuscular Cupping

Fibro Care Treatments

Immune Boost/Lymphatic Treatments

Schedule Now